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Due to the rising costs of feed and other husbandry needs, we have had to raise our prices. Please know that we strive to provide the BEST in food, housing and supplies for ALL of our feeders. 

Click the photo below ⬇︎ to order your feeders. 

Please allow 1-2 business days for us to get back to you. 

If you are needing some ASAP, please submit your form and then send us a text or email.

We breed African Soft Furred Mice (ASF) for your Ball Pythons. 

We will add updates as required and are always available to answer questions.

Sizes and Prices

Price list is for LIVE & FROZEN

Currently we do not offer shipping but hope to be able to in the near future. 

Pick-up and meet up are available according to our availability.

Current meet-up locations include*:

Bloomington/Normal ($7.00 fee)

Champaign/Urbana ($7.00 fee)

Downs ($5.00 fee)

LeRoy ($2.00 fee)

Farmer City ($2.00 fee)

Clinton ($7.00 fee)

Heyworth ($7.00 fee)

Mahomet ($5.00 fee)

Delivery to anywhere OUTSIDE of Bloomington/Normal or Champaign/Urbana is $20.00 per hour of drive time TO and FROM the meet or drop off location.

We also offer free pick up at our farm.

*There is a $2.00 - $7.00 delivery/meet-up fee to cover travel costs for local deliveries.

Some information to consider

  • They are not happy if they do not have other soft fur rats with them, the more in your group,         the better but the advised ratio is at least two.
  • They live in large colonies in the wild and they are happier in larger colonies though just               keeping a couple is acceptable.
  • The best way to pick up a soft fur rat is by the base of its tail, they are more apt to nip or bite        when grasped  from behind.
  • Soft fur rats are strictly nocturnal, you will rarely see them out in the day.
  • As for odor - ASF produce little to no odor unlike domesticated fancy rats/mice.

Disclaimer: ASF are NOT pets. Although the "can" be tamed, here, they are bred for the sole purpose of feeding Greenbean and other Ball Pythons in the Central Illinois & surrounding areas. Please keep in mind that IF you contact us looking for a pet rat, you will be told we do not raise PETS. We raise FEEDERS.

This page was last updated: January 21, 2023