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The Chicken House

We currently have a barnyard mix... we do not separate them for breeding and just let them do their thing. If you are looking for eggs to just hatch or a bird for egg production, let us know.

This is the large red coop. They have an 8x8 building and a 16' x 16' run to play in. 

Malaysian Serama

The Serama, also called the Malaysian Serama, is a bantam breed of chicken originating in Malaysia within the last 50 years.

Primary Use: Exhibition

Temperament: Confident, Calm
Recognized Variety: Wheaten, Chocolate, Blue, Black, White, Gray
Adult Male Weight (lbs): 0.55 - 1.1
Adult Female Weight (lbs): 0.55 - 1.1
Origin: Malaysia
Higher Classification: Chicken
Egg Color: Cream but can vary between light brown to dark brown
Egg Size: 14 - 18 grams
Hatch Time: 20 days
Cold Hardiness: fairly tolerant of hot and cold temperatures but should be kept in a draft-free area above 40°F