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We here at Cherokee Flats, do NOT belive in spay or neuter of rabbits, guinea pigs or other small animals. YES, spay and neuter your dogs and cats. But rabbits.. there is no medical advantage of doing so. Rabbits do not need buddies, playmates, friends... they are solitary animals and will KILL eachother if housed together.

House Rabbit Society and other "rescue" type groups are pushing the whole, buddy system for these animals. In reality, by getting you're pet bunny a buddy... you are likely marking him for death and a terrible one at that...Think twice before bringing in more than one rabbit for a house pet.

Multiple rabbits are great IF you are going to be breeding, per ARBA standards.

Medicine Chest

Below you will find a link to the Rabbit Medicine Chest. This contains information on all kinds of OTC and Prescription items that every rabbit breeder should have in their "Medicine Chest" for their barn. There are also some items I recommend for pet owners as well.

Read BEFORE you buy

What you need to know BEFORE you purchase a rabbit as a pet.

Supply List

Here you will find a list of everything you will need for your pet or 4 H rabbit. Most of these items we carry here at CRC or can easily get for you. This list is updated as we find new and useful items for our rabbits that we feel are also useful to he pet owners.

Calling all 4-Hers!!

Info for new 4-Hers and their families. What you need to know before beginning a Rabbit Project in McLean, DeWitt & Champaign county and general information for other counties.  Information regarding membership in ARBA and doing more with your rabbits beyond 4-H.