Where education and animal safety are our #1 priority
Fancy Rats, Fancy Mice, Hissing Cockroaches, Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, & Turkey
Farmer City, IL   61842
(309) 928-9460

Cherokee Flats

Show, Pet & Meat
 Eggs Available All Year.

Cherokee Flats is a registered business with the Illinois Department of Revenue
and has an Illinois Business Authorization License
to collect
Sales Tax, Use Tax and all fees associated with doing business.

DeWitt County IL

Bloomington & McLean County IL

Cherokee Flats is also registered with the Illinois Department of Agriculture
& has a Premises ID with ID# 00J8L9E

Cherokee Flats has applied for an Illinois Egg License.
This license allows us to sell graded eggs produced by our flock directly to customers. 

Cherokee Flats has reapplied for the
Illinois Depart of Agriculture
Poultry and Rabbit Exemption

This exemption allows us to slaughter, eviscerate or further process
NOT MORE THAN 5000 poultry during the calendar year (Jan - Dec).

This also allows us to deliver all slaughtered and prepped meat
to customers in Illinois that are not able to come pick it up.