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Cherokee Flats

Rabbits & Poultry 

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Eggs Available All Year.

Meat and Eggs

Here at Cherokee Flats we also sell Rabbit Meat fully dressed out on bone and frozen immediately to preserve freshness as well as Chicken Meat, Chicken Eggs and Duck Eggs (when available)


We have rabbit meat fully dressed on bone with or without heart/liver priced between $8.00 and $15.00 per rabbit. Price depends on size of rabbit. If you are looking for meat for stews, or to grind up for burgers, tacos or other uses, email us at cherokee.flats@yahoo.com and put RABBIT MEAT in the subject or call us at 309-530-4206. We will let you know what is available or when we have more available and your name will be put on a list. If none is available at the time you call, you will be notified when we have more and your name will be placed ON The packaging so we know it is yours.

Chicken Meat and Eggs

We will on occasion have fresh chicken available for purchase at $1.50/lb live weight. All will be fully dressed on bone with or without heart, liver and gizzard. If you are interested in purchasing chicken meat, please email us or call us and we'll let you know if and when we will have some available for purchase.


We will also have FARM FRESH EGGS (brown, green, pink) for sale (must pick up at our farm). Our chickens are free range and have access to fresh grass and a play yard daily (weather permitting) Please call for availability. I will post a sign in our yard Friday night and when the eggs are gone, the sign is removed till we get a build up again. 

Turkey Meat and Eggs

None at this time

Quail Meat and Eggs

None at this time

Duck Meat and Eggs

None at this time