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Meet Sophira

Taken 03/02/2021:
Saphira is now 3 years old, 23" long (nose to tail tip) and weighs 1.5 lbs!!

Sophira is a beautiful Bearded Dragon and has a gorgeous orange color to her. We got her as a hatchling and she's now about 3 years old.

Meet Nova, Crested Gecko 

We got Nova when she was 2 weeks old, she is now 5 months old and is turning into beautiful Crested Gecko. Her enclosure is situated in a corner of my office away from drafts and the AC during the summer and by a window during winter to allow natural light in. While normal house temperatures are perfect for them, I have added a small red heat bulb as I have to have my office rather cold, at 65ᴼF. With special food nightly and a good misting 3-5 times a day, this little girl is growing well. At maturity, she will be approx 7-9 inches long.

Meet Cinnabon, Pomeranian

Cinnabon is a 11 year old Pomeranian that I brought back from PA on my trip in October 2019. She was rescued by my aunt a few years ago, and due to unexpected circumstances, she had to find a new home for her... that's where I come in. On the day I was to return to IL, we gathered up all of Cinnabons stuff and packed it in my car. Without any of my families knowledge, I put her in the car and off we went. Now, 3 months later (Jan 2020), Cinnabon has won the hearts of EVERYONE in the house as well as visitors and my co-workers as she enjoys going to work with me on my days off. She is definitely a bright spot on a dark day

Meet Aiko, Chihuahua 

Aiko (pronounced I-Ko) was born on February 14, 2021. His name means "Little Loved One" in Japanese. He is about 2 lbs 6.3 oz as of April 10, 2021

L: Aiko at just 6 weeks old and 1 lb 7 oz. R: Aiko at 5 months old and 9 lbs!!! and Below: Aiko is now 10 months old and 13 lbs

Meet Chloe

Chloe is a 11 yr old Domestic Short Hair. She's a cuddle bug and enjoys snuggling you while you nap. We got Chloe from Eastland Animal Hospital in Bloomington IL. She is currently the FATTEST cat we have weighting in at 15 lbs 5.4 oz!!

Meet Scarlet Rain

Approximately 4 months old

1 yr 8 months old

Scarlet Rain (Calico Maine Coon? -- Female), was left in a cardboard box on our front step in the middle of a horrible rainstorm on Aug 1, 2020. While doing an animal check, our son Austin, found her, cold, wet, and hungry.  After a trip to the vet, she was given a clean bill of health and has made a HUGE impression on us here. She's extremely lively, friendly, and loves to cuddle. We are guessing her birthday to be around April 4, 2020

Meet Our Chinchillas

Prince Fievel ChimChim Baxter III

Gus Gus

Play Time!!!

Top Picture: Baxter's Pad
Bottom Picture: GusGus' Pad

First snuggles with my little Baxter

First snuggles with Gus Gus

Baxter likes his hammock!

Baxter has to give Autumn kisses in the morning!

Prince Baxter was born around December 30, 2020 He's a Standard Grey Short Tailed Chinchilla. Gus Gus was born January 6, 2021 and is a Brown Velvet Short Tailed Chinchilla. Also known as a Royal Chinchilla, these little fellas are the sweetest little guys. They love giving snuggles and kisses and running around my office while I'm working on my computer. Baxter was being housed in a tote as his cage was put on backorder. BUT, I was finally able to get it and bring home Gus Gus as well.

During the early morning, they enjoy running around my office, jumping in and out of their cage, playing peek-a-boo with Autumn and talking to us. 

**please pay no mind to the carpet, it's old and needs replaced/tore up. I just haven't gotten around to do that yet**

Meet Greenbean

Disclaimer: Greenbean DOES NOT live at Cherokee Flats. She is at Austin's and live with him at his apartment just 5 miles from the farm. 


Above: Greenbean at 5 weeks old
Below: Greenbean at 6 months old

Greenbean is a Normal Ball Python. Born in July, She is now 6 months old and growing nicely

Meet The Morningstar Mischief 

Check out the rest of our rattie friends by visiting Morningstar Rattery
The one's listed below are our main breeders/pets

Morningstar's Nebulous

Standard Berkshire Silvermane


DOB: 07/12/2021

Morningstar's Luna Morningstar's Nashira

Standard Agouti Capped


DOB: 0/14/2021

Morningstar's Aurora

Dumbo PEW


DOB: 11/15/2021

Morningstar's Calypso

Dumbo Agouti Capped


DOB: 11/15/2021

Morningstar's Star

Dumbo Agouti Capped


DOB: 11/15/2021

Morningstar's Orion

Dumbo Eared Agouti Capped


Weight: 302g

DOB: 11/18/2021

Morningstar's Galileo (aka Leo)

Dumbo Silvermane


Weight: 600g

DOB: 12/26/2020

And cuz he's so cute... 

another sleepy picture of Leo... 

I just realized that EVERY photo I have of him, he's sleeping LOL 

Lazy Fat Boy!

BTW, He's cuddling with my oldest son, Cody here.... 

How cute is this!?!

This is the girls' cage... all of them share this space and have plenty of spaces to run, jump and hide.

This is the boys' cage... Since they are rather LARGE boys, I don't have to worry about them getting out of here LOL