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Welcome MIA & Miah, The Noodle Bandits!

Mia was born on March 27, 2022 and is a beautiful, playful, Champagne Ferret. Autumn has wanted one for a while and she finally got one!!

Mia spends 90% of her day out of her cage and in the living room with the family. She also spends time in her playpen! 

Miah was born on March 27, 2022. After having Mia for a week, we decided to go back on June 24, and get her sister/litter mate, Miah... tonight, they were reunited and are currently roughing around!

Miah spends 90% of her day out of her cage and in the living room with the family. She also spends time in her playpen! 

Meet Archimedes, Pac-Man Frog

Meet Sophira, Queen Dragon!

Taken 04/03/2022:
Saphira is now 4 years old, 17" long (nose to tail tip) and weighs 550g (1lb 3oz)!!

Saphira is a beautiful Normal Bearded Dragon. 

Meet Nova, The Crested Gecko 

We got Nova when he was 2 days old, he is now 9 months old and is turning into beautiful Crested Gecko. His enclosure is situated in a corner of my office away from drafts and the AC during the summer and by a window during winter to allow natural light in. While normal house temperatures are perfect for them, I have added a small red heat bulb as I have to have my office rather cold, at 65ᴼF. With special food twice a week, and a good misting 2-3 times a day, this little boy is growing well. At maturity, she will be approx 7-9 inches long.

Meet Smudge the Regal Jumping Spider

Smudge is a Regal Jumping Spiders. They're adorable. 

 I have found they are the sweetest spiders and so curious!!! 

For more information about the regal jumping spiders... visit HERE

Meet Aiko James, The SPOILED Chihuahua 

Aiko (pronounced EYE-Ko) was born on February 14, 2021. His name means "Little Loved One" in Japanese. 

Meet Chloe, She who only walks at night

Chloe is a 12 yr old Domestic Short Hair. She's a cuddle bug and enjoys snuggling you while you nap. We got Chloe from Eastland Animal Hospital in Bloomington IL. She is currently the FATTEST cat we have weighting in at 15 lbs 5.4 oz!!

Meet Archie, the worried one

Archie was adopted from Pet Central Helps in Bloomington IL on 09/02/2022. 

He's a sassy little fella and we love him to pieces.

Meet Orion

Orion can to us via a friend in Chicagoland area on 09/05/2022. He is approximately 6 months old and is a darling of a little fella. 

Orion, the Male Calico Enchi Ball Python resides here at Cherokee Flats and is in the "Office of Exotics" with some of the other exotic animals here.

If you're not afraid of snakes, and ever wanna meet him while visiting, just let me know! 

Meet Greenbean & Peek-a-boo

Disclaimer: These 2 Ball Pythons DO NOT live at Cherokee Flats.
They are at Austin's and live with him at his apartment just 5 miles from the farm. 

Greenbean is a Normal Ball Python. 

Born in July 2021, He is now a year old and growing nicely

Peek-a-Boo (Pika) is a 

Pinstripe 100% Het Albino/Candy Ball Python. 

She was born in Feb 2022.