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Meet Sophira

Sophira is a beautiful Bearded Dragon and has a gorgeous orange color to her. We got her as a hatchling and she's now about 2 years old.

Meet Cinnabon

Cinnabon is a 9 year old Pomeranian that I brought back from PA on my trip in October 2019. She was rescued by my aunt a few years ago, and due to unexpected circumstances, she had to find a new home for her... that's where I come in. On the day I was to return to IL, we gathered up all of Cinnabons stuff and packed it in my car. Without any of my families knowledge, I put her in the car and off we went. Now, 3 months later (Jan 2020), Cinnabon has won the hearts of EVERYONE in the house as well as visitors and my co-workers as she enjoys going to work with me on my days off. She is definitely a bright spot on a dark day

Meet Ducky

Ducky is an 11 yr old Tri-Colored English Springer Spaniel. We got him from Jeff Port in Peoria, IL on March 13, 2008. He's the sweetest most docile dog I've ever owned. He lets you mess with him all day and doesn't fight, growl or anything. He loves to play, wrestle and cuddle. He's getting lazy in his old age.

Meet Chloe

Chloe is a 10 yr old Domestic Short Hair. She's a cuddle bug and enjoys snuggling you while you nap. We got Chloe from Eastland Animal Hospital in Bloomington IL. She is currently the FATTEST cat we have weighting in at 13.5 lbs!

Meet Goldie

Goldie is a 14 yr old Domestic Short Hair. She came to us via shelter overflow. She's been a big help with keeping the mice down. If you ask her, she'll tell you she's the QUEEN....

Meet BlueMoon

BlueMoon (Blue Parakeet -- Female), belong to Austin. She is spoiled rotten and enjoy daily Free Flight in the house. We got BlueMoon from Petco in Normal Il