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Rabbit Care

Here are a few points that need to be checked either daily, weekly & some monthly.


1) Check your Rabbits water, top up every day & in very cold weather check the bottle hasn't frozen.
2) Check your Rabbit for any signs of illness, Rabbits can become ill VERY quickly & prompt veterinary attention is essential.
3) If you buy a Rabbit that has a ring on its back leg, then check that there aren't any foreign objects (hay, shavings or straw) stuck in it & that it moves around the leg freely.
4) Clean your Rabbits dirty corners out (Rabbits are very clean animals & will use one corner as a toilet).

1) Clean the Rabbits hutch out thoroughly using a disinfectant in a spray bottle like Jeyes Fluid, diluted down Bleach or Zoflora or Virkon, this can be bought from your Vet & is used in Veterinary surgeries & is very good.
2) Groom your Rabbit if it is short coated, a long coated Rabbit will need grooming
EVERY day.
3) Check your Rabbits front teeth, these grow fast & Rabbits constantly need to wear them down, it might be wise to put a small apple tree branch into its hutch so it can chew on this to keep its teeth worn down.


1) Check the hutch for any signs of damage from the Rabbit chewing it. Repair as necessary.
2) Check the nails, these grow quickly too & will need trimming at least once a month. The Breeder or your Vet will show you how to do this.
I hope you have many happy years with your Rabbit & if in doubt at any time then please contact either the Breeder or your Vet.