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Cherokee Flats

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See what people are saying about us here at Cherokee Flats!

Over the past 18 years, we have met several wonderful families that have gotten rabbits or rats from us. 

Check out below what they are saying about their experience when getting a new family member!

Hope, IL

Zara & Bianca

My son, Chance, and I adopted Zara and Bianca almost 1 year ago. I just wanted to thank you. They are truly members of our family. They are loved and spoiled and doing great. Thank you again!


Victoria, IL

Basil & Sage

From Victoria:
"Love my babies so much ! Highly recommend ! My rats are friendly, healthy! I even got to meet the parents of my little girls! Ms. Crystal and Ms. Autumn care deeply for what they do! And I love the care and details they put in for adoptions!
Definitely will be coming here good animals, and the eggs too!!!"

Bill, IL
Gizz & Patch



Susan, IL
Chaos, Ryos, Anthos

I have been looking a long time to find the perfect rattery to get my rats from. Cherokee is the best rattery I found in Central Illinois. I recently purchased three babies from Crystal, and they are the sweetest, best rats I've ever had. I really can't say enough wonderful things about Cherokee Flats.

Kristen, IL


We had a great experience adopting 2 rats from Cherokee Flats. Crystal was knowledgeable and helpful, and our new pets are healthy and friendly.