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So, what WILL you need when you get your rabbit???

This is a BASIC list of MUST HAVES that will ensure your pet a safe, fun, love filled environment.

See list to the right ----> for links to examples

1. Cage
     -For cages, you need a minimum size of 24" x 24" x 14" for the breeds we raise here and sell as pets. 
     -Cage must be made of metal and have wire floors for health reasons. 
     -While most rescue sites, including The HRS, say they need solid bottom cages, it is actually unhealthy to use these types. Rabbits that sit in their own feces/urine will get what's known as Hutch Burn. It's basically a horrible diaper rash and is highly susceptible to infection.
     -While wooden hutches or ok during outside time on a nice day, rabbits will chew at it and the chances of escape increase as they will chew 

2. Food Bowl
     - Food bowls can be either ceramic or stainless steel. Must be tip proof or attach to cage. Both types are easily cleaned and sanitized and should be at least weekly

3. Water Bottle
     - You can use bowls for water but we suggest and recommend water bottles. This will ensure the rabbit is actually drinking and not just spilling it. These are easy to clean and disinfect and should be done weekly.

4. Feed
     - Feed should be a plain pellet and minimum of 16% protein. This will help ensure a happy and healthy animal. Do not purchase feeds with colorful pieces or fruits/seeds/nuts. These are used as fillers and will actually cause health issues in your pet.

5. Hay
     - Hay should be offered/available daily. Timothy, Grass Hay, Orchard Grass and a mix of these can be fed freely. Stay away from feeding Alfalfa only as it contains a lot of sugar and should be used as a treat only.

6. Chew Blocks
     - Due to rabbits teeth growing all the time, they need stuff to chew on so that they don't chew on whatever is around and to keep their teeth healthy and at a good length.
     - Chew blocks can be purchased at any pet store however we suggest just purchasing a simple aspen 2x2 from a hardware store making sure it is NOT pressure treated. Then simply cut into cubes.

7. Toys
     - Just like with most animals, they like the play as well. You can offer toys like cat balls, empty soda cans, TP rolls and the like for hours of play time. 

8. Treats
     - Treats can be offered on a limited basis. You can offer fruits, veggies and more but keep in mind, these are TREATS and shouldn't be given everyday. Stay away from Avocado, Iceberg Lettuce, celery and apple seeds as these can be toxic and/or cause horrible diarrhea.

Of course, there is always more you could get but these are the MUST HAVES!!