Delivery Fee Scale

The following charges will occur if you need us to deliver ANY animal we raise. This includes but is not limited to: rabbits, rats, mice, poultry, eggs, processed meat...


This fee is for ROUND TRIP. If you are 10 miles from us: price would be for 11-21 miles (US$20.00), if you are 40 miles, price would be for OVER 60 miles (US$120.00) We will NOT travel more than 60 miles ONE WAY from our farm. If you want to meet us, cost of delivery is figured out the same way. Distance from Cherokee Flats to the meetup point and back.

Distance from Cherokee Flats Price
Any Rabbit Show We Attend FREE
0-10 miles US$10.00
11-20 miles US$20.00
21-30 miles US$30.00
31-40 miles US$40.00
41-50 miles US$50.00
51-60 miles US$60.00
Over 60 miles US$120.00