Please read below before contacting us. 


It is illegal to ship LIVE rodents in the US.

ALL orders must be picked up at the farm or we can meet for a fee.

All other animals must be picked up at the farm unless other arrangements have been made.

For important updates and information, please visit HERE

At no time is anyone allowed to just "show up" and expect to purchase any animals we have here. We do not always have stock available and therefore it would be a complete waste of time and even if we had stock, you MUST make arrangements ahead of time

 If you show up to our property unannounced, you will be asked to leave and make arrangements to visit at a more desirable time or find another place to purchase the animals you are looking for.

 We are a small farm and do not breed in mass quantities. We breed for what we need and anything left is sold. For feeders, I offer what I have when I have it at reasonable prices but am unable to provide mass amounts of any animal we have. We prefer to stay small so that we can provide specialized service to our customers. 

Thank you again for your understanding.


~Brian & Crystal Smith