General Privacy Policy

Any information collected at Cherokee Flats from any of our customers is for the sole use of our farm. This includes but is not limited to:


  • Contacting past customers to check on animals
  • Contact information for invoices
  • Contact information for our records


All information collected helps us provide better service to our current and future customers. Any information we collect WILL NOT BE SOLD to Third Party Individuals or Companies.


All information is stored LOCALLY and never leaves our system. At no time will anyone outside of Cherokee Flats contact you regarding your purchase or try to sell you other items. All messages will come directly from us (,, or from Square (appointment reminders, invoices)

Return Policy

All animals purchased from Cherokee Flats are 100% your responsibility once they leave here. This means that at NO time is Cherokee Flats required to take back the animal(s) you've purchased. Please check with landlords, HSA, family members, roommates... before contacting us regarding any animal we sell here.


To help with this, please check the following:

  • Animal you wish to purchase is allowed in your apartment/rental house/dorm or general place of residence. 
  • If allowed, make sure you know if there is any Animal Fee or Monthly Animal Rent, these can range from $10 - $400 depending on type of building you live in. Most government housing will NOT ALLOW rodents of any kind along with some other exotics, this includes but is not limited to: rats, mice, guinea pigs, snakes, spiders or any kind, ferrets.
  • No one living in the house has any allergies to cats (those with cat allergies are 99% sure to be allergic to rabbits), rabbits, rodents.
  • Rabbit proof your home BEFORE purchasing one. This will save a lot of time, energy & money
  • Have the proper sized cage for the animal you are wishing to get.
  • If you live IN A CITY or suburb, and wish to have rabbits OUTSIDE, please check your zoning laws as most towns, cities and suburbs do not allow LIVESTOCK within city limits. Once a rabbit is housed outside, it is considered livestock here in IL.



Refund Policy

At no time will Cherokee Flats issue a refund for any animal purchased here.


All money sent to or given to Cherokee Flats for the purchase of anY animal or animals is NON REFUNDABLE.