Sale Details:

When can I purchase Who's Due at the discounted price?

Beginning JANUARY 21, 2024 you will be able to purchase Who's Due on either Google Play or the App Store (iOS) at the discounted price. 

Sale begins at Midnight 01/21/2024 and ends at midnight 01/28/2024

Is there a subscription fee?

Who's Due is a ONE TIME fee. There will NEVER be a subscription fee or will you have to sign up for a special account to use our app.

Can I use Who's Due on my personal computer?

Short answer: No.


Long answer: Who's Due is a mobile application and is designed to be used on your mobile devices such as mobile phone, iPad, or tablets. The only exception to this is if you have a newer Mac that uses the Apple Chip. We have not been able to test this as we do not have a newer mac.

Can more than one phone be logged into the app?

That depends. We do not have an account you have to set up. The app is linked to your apple id or google id. If you have an iPhone and an iPad and they both use the same Apple ID to download apps to your device, then yes. If they don't then no.

Can I purchase this on my iPhone and use it on my Android device?

No. The way the program has to be coded for Apple is different from Android. The app is linked to your apple id or google id and must be used on the devices it's designed for.

If I use the app for a while and get out of rabbits/cavies, can I get a refund?

No. Absolutely not. You have used the application for a while and for it's purpose. Just because you no longer plan on using it doesn't mean you can get your money back. That isn't how it works.


We do not offer refunds. EVER

Who's Due - How We Began

Who's Due began as a way to prevent the loss of physical cage cards in our rabbitry. The idea quickly turned into a mobile application that anyone who raises rabbits or cavies could use to keep track of breedings, litters, weaning, processing, pedigrees and more. Who's Due has grown to include the ability to print cage cards, pedigrees with customized logo (user provided) and so much more.

About the App

Who's Due is a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. It is used for Rabbitry & Caviary management. It allows you to keep track of Who's Due to palpate, Who's Due to litter, Who's Due to wean and Who's Due to Process. 


It provides notifications for when to put in nest boxes, when does should be palpated, when litters are due, when litters should be weaned, & when litters are to be processed. 


With statistics, you can keep track of who has the highest survival rate and who has the larges litters. This allows you to better streamline your herd for better production. 


This application also lets you print cage cards and pedigrees with personalized logos with user provided photos/logos. 


With iOS you can use iCloud to back up and restore to other iOS devices like iPad to go between devices for easy herd management. 


With Android, doing Google Backup will backup your data.


Available in the App Store and Google Play for just $9.99

App Features

  1. See a list of Who's Due to have a litter which rabbits are due to be palpated and which litters are due to be weaned or processed sorted by due date and grouped by Breed on the main screen.
  2. Get a notification for rabbits that a nest box needs to be put in with the doe before the doe is due and another reminder the morning she is due. The number of days before the due date can be customized in the setting screen.
  3. Get a notification when a rabbit is ready to palpate or when a litter is ready to wean or process. Notifications can be turned on or off in the setting screen to customize which ones you get.
  4. Get a notification for cavies that they are due at the beginning of the gestation range for cavies.
  5. Quickly and easily see the survival rate or largest litter size of all animals of a breed ordered from highest to lowest. Tap a row to bring up the litter recored for that animal to see the full details of all of its litters. Easily toggle the view to show inactive rabbits and or cavies or all rabbits or cavies instead of only active ones.
  6. Breedings still due can be deleted or edited by swiping left on the litter tab of the main view.
  7. Adding a breeding, updating results, or deleting a breeding automatically makes the change for both the buck and the doe.
  8. View all animals you have of a breed grouped by gender. Easily toggle the view show inactive rabbits or cavies or all rabbits or cavies instead of only active ones.
  9. Us the date calculator to find out when breedings need to be done to have each class of rabbit for a show. Just inter the date of the show and the dates are calculated for all classes.
  10. Keep a list of all miscellaneous rabbit and cavy related tasks you want to get done right in the app, and set a date and time for a notification if you want a reminder.
  11. Print a 3" x 5" cage care and 2 1/2' carrier card from the rabbit/cavy list.
  12. Print a 3" x 5" cage care and 2 1/2' carrier card for a litter from the litter record.
  13. Print a pedigree from the rabbit/cavy list
  14. Supports marking rabbits as Vienna Marked or Vienna Carrier
  15. Supports Dark Mode on iOS 13 and above 

About the Developer

Pictured Above:

(L) Crystal R Smith (webmaster, marketing, graphic design).  (R) Brian J Smith (Who's Due Developer)


Name: Brian J Smith

Employer: State Farm

Occupation: Software Developer

Education: Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA

Graduated: May 1997

Degree: Bachelors of Science, Computer Information Systems

Contact Info: 

Facebook Page: Who's Due