Pricing Information

Beginning June 1, 2023, all animals raised and sold at Cherokee Flats will have new pricing and reservation fee requirements. If you are interested in feeders, please contact us.


ALL Rats and Mice must be purchased in same sex pairs or same sex groups of 3 or more. NO exceptions. Rats and Mice are highly social animals and are happier with cage mates.


PET RABBITS are sold as SINGLE animals in a household. If you already have a rabbit, you will be required to sign a risk acknowledgement BEFORE pick up. Rabbits are NOT social animals and therefore do not need a cage mate or buddy.*


*Exception: 4H, FFA, ARBA members looking for breeding animals.



Holding Animals Past Their "Ready" date:

Any animal that is to be held here PAST the age of 8 weeks of age or it's "ready" date, due to your personal circumstances will be charged as follows:


RATS: $2.00/day/rat

MICE: $1.00/day/mouse

COCKATIELS: $5.00/day/bird

RABBITS: $5.00/day/rabbit




Please be aware that this will be charged IN ADVANCE and must be paid when you reserve your animals. ALL money sent to us here at Cherokee Flats is NON-REFUNDABLE (some circumstances considered). Prices are based off of the quality of the animals, the cost to feed, care & raising, vetting, supplies, & time/effort. At anytime these prices can change without notice as we see fit. Final cost is listed on individual listings on species specific pages below. 


**We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Rabbits ONLY*

The following information is subject to change without notice as animal develops.

All Animals MUST be paid for IN FULL before a pick-up date/time is scheduled.

We will hold them for NO LONGER than 1 week, If not picked up within the 1 week, Rabbit(s) will go back up for sale and deposit is lost. 


Quality Clarification:

PET QUALITY: any rabbit/poultry that does not meet their respective Standard of Perfection. This includes but is not limited to: Faults, Disqualifications, Too much/Too little color, Does not meet respective weight requirements for age, etc. These animals would not benefit any breeding program and are sold without a pedigree. ALL pets must have a purchase agreement on file with us.


BROOD QUALITY: Brood Quality means any animal that can be used for breeding purposes but can not be shown. These animals are typically used for meat breeding programs or pet breeding programs.


SHOW QUALITY: Show quality means any rabbit/poultry that meet their respective Standard of Perfection. This also includes those we deem good use for a breeding program.

Rabbits are assessed for quality at:*

  • 6 weeks
  • 8 weeks
  • 12 weeks
  • 4 months
  • 5 months
  • 6 months

*As the rabbit matures, pricing can and will go up as needed. Once you have purchased a rabbit no matter the age at the time of sale, your price will never go up.


$95.00 and up 



$120.00 and up



$85.00 and up 



$75.00 and up


Guinea Pigs

Teddy Guinea Pigs

  • US$25.00 and up

Hairless Guinea Pigs

  • US$120.00 and up

Rats & Mice

  • Normal: US$10.00 and up
  • Siamese: US15.00 and up
  • Harley: US$35.00 and up
  • Hairless: US$35.00 and up
  • Normal: US$5.00 and up
  • Hairless and Longhaired: US$7.00 and up



Pricing is for WEANED babies under 6 months old, birds over 6 month old could be higher. All birds will be well socialized and pre-spoiled

All cockatiels, no matter the color will be listed between $120 - $650 each


We at Cherokee Flats, sell rabbits/guinea pigs, NOT pedigrees. ALL pricing is based on the rabbit or guinea pig at hand and NOT by the breeders IN the pedigree. Pedigrees are ONLY offered to fellow breeders, 4H members, FFA members and anyone that is using to breed for personal use. ALL animals are tattooed or tagged before leaving Cherokee Flats and all information on the pedigree is true to the best of our knowledge. ANYONE caught changing information on any pedigree that has our animals in it will NOT be sold any more of our animals. Pricing is determined by the quality of the animal, if we would show it, or if we would keep it to use in our breeding programs. Please be aware that these prices listed above are ONLY a starting point and pricing can be determined to be lower OR higher that what we have listed here.             

**PET ONLY means that the rabbit or guinea pig CAN NOT be shown or bred and does not come with a pedigree. All PET ONLY Sales must be accompanied by a signed "Sales Agreement" and, if purchasing multiple rabbits, a signed "Risk Acknowledgement" sent back to us BEFORE the animal leaves the property. Failure to do so will result in cancelation of your appointment and forfeiture of any deposit made.**