Frequently Asked Questions

Cherokee Flats FAQ

How do I go about purchasing an animal from you?

You can order from our site, it will take you to square and you can pay there. If what you are looking for isn't available, you can submit a wait list request and reservation fees for what you are wanting.

What is the purpose of the WAIT LIST?

The wait list ensures you are on the list to receive a specific animal when it is ready. Reservation fee, wait list form, and order must be on file. 

Why do we have to pay a reservation fee?

Reservation fees are to ensure buyers seriousness and guarantee purchasers a spot on our list and the animals he or she chooses. Reservation fees DO NOT go towards the final cost of the animal you purchase and is in ADDITION to final cost.

What comes with an animal purchased from Cherokee Flats?

That all depends on what animal you are purchasing.

Rabbits, Rats, Mice all come with 1-2 lbs of species specific food to help them transition to whatever their new families will purchase. They will also come with (if available) species specific toys, treats, snacks.

Cockatiels will come with information about the individual bird(s) and a small bag of food to get you started. If available, toys and treats may also be provided.

Jumping Spiders, Roaches, Mantids, Guppies, White's Tree Frogs, Ball Pythons will only come with species information.

Do you ship Rats and/or Mice?

No. We do not ship rodents as it is ILLEGAL in the US to ship (no matter what service you use) live rodents. All rodent sales MUST be picked up at Cherokee Flats

Do you ship rabbits?

No, we do not ship any of our rabbits. We believe this is too stressful on them thus all rabbit purchases must be picked up here at the farm

Do you ship Jumping Spiders, Roaches, Mantids?

Yes, we will ship jumping spiders, roaches and mantids at buyers expense. Please contact us for shipping estimate.

Do you offer delivery of animals purchased?

Yes. We will deliver animals you've purchased from us for a fee. Please see FEE SCHEDULE here. We will not deliver farther than a 3 hr drive ONE WAY from our farm. We can deliver to St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis and can meet you. Delivery fee for these locations will be $120

My daughter/son got a [insert animal species here] for [insert holiday here], they no longer take care of it, will you take it?

No, Cherokee Flats is not a shelter nor a rescue and are not obligated by law to take in any animal for any reason. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Rabbits
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Reptiles
  • Snakes

At no time will Cherokee Flats take back an animal purchased from here UNLESS there is a documented medical reason the purchaser can no longer have it [ie. severe, life threatening allergy]

Do you offer rabbit meat?

We do have Rabbit Meat available in limited supply through out the year. Please contact us and leave a message at 833-255-5919.

Can I stop in at my convience?

No. You must have an appointment to visit Cherokee Flats. Scheduled appointments are done on Saturdays and Sundays and are for animal pick ups or butchering classes. We do not do "farm visits" or "can I come see what you have?" visits. No appointments will be scheduled during the week. 

Do you breed in mass?

No. We do not breed our animals constantly. This is to allow our females to heal from birthing and allows us time to use or sell the animals we have available already.


If you are looking to purchase animals in bulk (ie. feeders), please contact another place as we can not and will not do that.

Who's Due FAQ

I got a new phone and I can't see my information in Who's Due?

Since data for Who's Due is stored locally, you must utilize the backup and restore function of the application. We have done a "How to for Who's Due" video for each of the operating systems. Please see links below.

For iOS


Why are my ear numbers not in order?

Alphanumerical order differs from what we think of when organizing our animals via ear numbers. 


If you have A1, A2.....A9, A10, A11, it will list them as A1, A10, A11, A2... In order to have them in order, you would have to list ear numbers as A 1, A 2, A 3... A10. Otherwise you can also list by oldest to youngers or youngest to oldest.

Is the fee a one time fee or a subscription?

Who's Due is a one time fee of $9.99. We do not do subscriptions and all data is stored locally so don't forget to back it up!

Can I use Who's Due on a laptop?

As of right now, Who's Due will ONLY work on newer MacBooks with the Apple chip. We have not been able to test this as we do not have a newer MacBook. 

Can I use the app on multiple devices without buying it again?

If you have and iPhone or iPad and both devices are associated with the same AppleID, then yes. Just purchasing once will do the trick and as long as you use the backup and restore feature, you can use on both devices. 

However, if you have an Android phone and an iPad, you will not be able to do so unless purchasing the app for both devices and you would have to enter the information by hand on both as well.