We have a few different breeds of rabbits here at Cherokee Flats. From Mini Lop to Flemish Giant, each has a purpose here and we are so excited to share them with you.


Mini Lop: These little flopped eared rabbits are perfect first time bunnies for anyone 5 years of age and older. They are super sweet, fun to watch and don't mind cuddling on the couch to watch your favorite movie.


Creme D'Argent & Champagne D'Argent: These beautiful rabbits are not only super adorable, they have nice sized litters and make for some nice meat rabbits. Recommended for anyone 15 years of age and older.


New Zealand: These beautiful red rabbits are excellent meat rabbits. NOT recommended as pets.


Flemish Giant: These large rabbits are excellent house pets. They are docile, loving and enjoy running around the house when possible. Recommended for anyone 15 years of age and older.



All animals have the potential to cause harm or injury to both humans and other animals. Keep in mind, all animals can bite and while all animals here are temperament tested, we do not guarantee they will not bite, scratch, kick or otherwise cause injury. Owning any animals is at your own risk and Cherokee Flats is not legal held responsible for any injury to you, the owner, your family, friends or other animals in the home.


Children under the age of 12 years of age should have constant adult supervision when handling any animal.