Important Updates/Policies

We are NOT a rescue/shelter

At no time will Cherokee Flats accept animals of any kind. We are not a shelter, animal rescue or animal rehab center. 

  • All animals sold here have been bred by us. The safety of the animals here is our #1 priority. As such, taking in animals causes a risk to our breeders that we are not willing to take.

  • If you have an animal you no longer wish to keep, contact your local exotic vet to see if they have a list of rescues in your area. 

  • If you found a wild animal and you feel it needs medical assistance, please contact your local animal rehabber. Most vet offices have a list of Wildlife Rehab Centers in the area. 

  • If it has been found that you have abandoned any animal at my door, I will notify the proper authorities and charges will be filed against you. 

  • We are not obligated to take back any animal we have sold for any reason. Once the animal leaves the farm it is your sole responsibility. 


Effective 09/01/2023

Anyone arriving late to their scheduled pick up appointment will be accessed a $30.00 late arrival fee. This will be IN addition to what you've already paid AND must be paid BEFORE animals can leave the farm. Payments accepted for this fee: Cash, Debit, Credit, CashApp, ApplePay.




Effective 09/10/2023

ALL orders must be prepaid before a pick up appointment can/will be made. This includes, but is not limited to: ALL pets, show animals, breeding animals and/or feeders. If invoice/payment is not paid by the end of the date on invoice, your order will be cancelled. 


Effective 08/01/2023

Due to peoples lack of respect for our time, ALL animals sold (including feeders) MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL before an appointment will be made.If you schedule an appointment and do not show up, you will not be allowed to purchase ANY animal from us again. (Black Balled)


ALL ANIMALS MUST be paid for IN FULL before any further action will be taken. This is to help make sure animals are picked up when scheduled and pets will be going to good homes. All animals purchased through our site will be contacted after the sale to confirm the purchase and to set up a time for you to come and pick up your new pet. 

Some important information you should know BEFORE contacting us...


Before you inquire about ANY animal here at the farm, READ THE SALES POLICY




1. We are a SMALL family owned and operated farm. We do not produce in mass amounts and are not a hatchery. For poultry, we hatch what we need or by request with full payment. For other animals, we breed for what we need and sell the rest unless requesting a specific pairing. Please note that ALL money sent to Cherokee Flats for the purchase of any animals is NON-REFUNDABLE unless we cancel the sale due to illness or death of the animal you wish to purchase. While it doesn't happen often, it can happen.


2. While we are usually 100% on sexing rabbits, please be aware that animals under 12 weeks of age are difficult to sex. We re-sex the day before pickup to ensure you are getting the sex and animal you have paid for. IF we find we did in fact mis-sex the animal, we will notify you immediately and let you know what options we have. We are not responsible for any animal once it leaves Cherokee Flats. If you find your animal has an issue, has become ill, or shows signs of any other possible illness AFTER it has left Cherokee Flats, you are more than welcome to contact us and we can let you know proper treatment or suggest an exotic vet in your area.


3. Cherokee Flats is under no obligation to take back any animal once it has left the farm. While we are responsible breeders, and we screen potential buyers, it is, in the end, the responsibility of the new owner to care for, maintain and provide proper housing, food, water and vet care if required. Cherokee Flats does not take back any animal because of safety reasons for my breeding animals. 


4. Please be aware that all invoices MUST be paid for IN ADVANCE and must be paid at the time you reserve your animals. ALL money sent to us here at Cherokee Flats is NON-REFUNDABLE (some circumstances considered). Prices are based off of the quality of the animals, the cost to feed, care & raising, vetting, supplies, & time/effort. At anytime these prices can change without notice as we see fit. Final cost is listed on individual listings on species specific pages below. 


**We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.


Before you inquire about ANY animal here at the farm, READ THE SALES POLICY

The Sales Policy, in whole or part, is in effect for the entire farm, including Cherokee Flats & Morningstar Rattery & Mousery