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Rabbit & Poultry Sales Policy


1. Rabbits are sold on a first come/first serve basis.

2. Prices can and will change as the rabbits develop

3. All rabbits must be paid for IN FULL before leaving our possession

4. Cherokee Flats does not guarantee that any rabbit purchased from us will win at show or produce any offspring.

5. Cherokee Flats does not guarantee the health of any rabbit purchased after it leaves our possession

6. Cherokee Flats reserves the right to refuse sale of any rabbit to anyone for any reason.

7. Despite our best efforts, sexing rabbits under 10 weeks old is very difficult. Therefore, we do not guarantee the sex of the rabbit if it's under 10 weeks of age. 

8. We do not sell multiple rabbits to PET ONLY homes. This is for the safety of our animals and make no exceptions.

9. If arrangements have been made, you have until 24 hours BEFORE your scheduled appointment time to cancel. Any cancelations after that time will be considered "Late Cancellation" and you will be added to a "Do Not Sell" list

10. Anyone who wishes to purchase rabbits from us MUST fill out an Appointment Request form. Appointments are ONLY available on specific days of the week due to personal work schedules. You appointment is not confirmed UNTIL you have received a confirmation email from us. All required information on the form MUST be filled out or your request denied and/or appointment will be cancelled.

11. Under no circumstances are you to "Just Show Up" on our farm unannounced. You will be asked to leave the property and make proper arrangements.

12. Restrooms are unavailable to customers so please make sure to use restroom facilities before your arrival to Cherokee Flats.

13. At the time of visit, no other animals may be brought onto our property. This is to ensure the safety of ALL livestock on property. No Exceptions will be made. This is private property and we do not have to abide by ADA requirements

14. Use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs of any kind are strictly prohibited on Cherokee Flats property. If it is discovered that you are indeed in possession of such items, local authorities will be notified and proper disciplinary action taken.

15. Cherokee Flats is a BREEDER and does not nor has any obligation to, take in any animals. If you call here and ask us to take in the bunny you purchased your child for Easter, you will be told NO and the call will end.

16. Cherokee Flats does not offer for sale any animal that is to be given as a gift. If you intend to purchase a rabbit as a gift for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversaries, Easter...etc, do not bother contacting us.

17. Please note that Policy Conditions can change without notice and will be updated ASAP in the event a change does occur.

18. Current operation hours are as follows:

          *Mon - Sat: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm & 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm PHONE CALLS ONLY

          *Sundays ONLY: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm RABBIT PICK UP (must have a                                                           confirmed appointment scheduled)

19. a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required for ANY rabbit purchase. We only accept PayPal for deposits at this time.