Animals listed on this page are NOT FOR SALE.

They represent our breeding stock and are not available for purchase.

**Yuri began laying eggs on 12/31/2023. If all goes well, we should have babies by the end of Jan 2024**


In October 2023, Cherokee Flats added a beautiful male Pearl Pied Cockatiel to our home. He, along with our Pied Female, Yuri, will begin breeding soon (we hope) Please keep an eye out for babies!!!

So what do we feed here at Cherokee Flats?

We have tried a variety of food for these little ones but I the prefer Hagen brand. It can take a little bit of time to get it in since it comes from Canada but, I have found that my birds are healthier and happier on it. Below you will find what we use for each stage of development.

Hand Fed Babies

Hagen Tropican Parrot Food Hand-Feeding Formula has proven to be superior to other hand-feeding formulas I've used. Chicks gain weight regularly, they are active, alert and vocal. Other hand-feeding formulas have left my chicks weak, losing weight, and hangry.

For Weaning

Hagen Tropimix Enrichment Food For Cockatiels and Lovebirds has made a great option to graduate your chicks over to seed and pellet mixes. I also use this as a treat when training birds.

10 weeks and up

Hagen Tropican Lifetime Formula Parrot Food Granules provide the perfect staple food for your cockatiel. With the addition of fresh fruits, veggies and seeds, your cockatiel can life a long happy, healthy life.


We provide fresh fruits, veggies, seed mixes and other items for treats. Kaytee's Food from the Wild Foraging Blend is a house favorite here. The tiny pieces of dried fruits, nuts, peppers and seed make for a great treat or even training treat. My birds will do just about anything for a piece of this mix.

Ren (蓮), is a 1 year old Male Pearl split to Pied. He's a sweetie. He says, "Pretty Bird", "Step Up", gives kisses, and loves head scratches!!!

Band #: E2271


His name means "Lotus"


Meaning behind the name:

The lotus flower (hasu) grows through murky water then emerges and appears to float on the surface. The beautiful, fragrant flower symbolizes enlightenment and purity, and it can often be found in ponds near temples and shrines in Japan during the summer.


Cherokee Flats' Haruki (晴輝) (Ha-ROO-Key) is 4 week old Normal Pied (maybe pearl) unsexed (I think it's a boy) Cockatiel.* 

Band #:F1133


Haruki (晴輝) in literal translation means Clear Bright Day. He was hatched on a bright, sunny day in May to Ren and Yuri.


Dad: Ren (E2271)            Mom: Yuri (E0324)

Hatched: 05/04/2024

*Photos will be updated as Haruki grows*

RIP Yuri

Yuri (百合), is a 2 year old Pearl Female. She loves to sing, watch TV and talk back!!

Band #: E0324


DOD: 05/02/2024


Her name means "Lily"


Meaning behind the name:

The Japanese lily is a stunning flower that comes in both bright pink, white and orange varieties. The meaning behind the flower changes depending on the color that you choose. 

White lilies signify purity and innocence while red spider lilies represent a goodbye and orange means revenge and or hatred. So, when it comes to the Japanese lily choosing the right color is very important.

Cherokee Flats' Ryū (龍) (RyOO) is a 4 week old White Faced Pearl Pied unsexed (I think it's a girl) Cockatiel.*

Band #:F0242


Ryū (龍) in literal translation means "Dragon"


Dad: Ren (E2271)             Mom: Yuri (E0324)

Hatched: 05/02/2024

*Photos will be updated as Ryū grows*