Feeders are available on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us for availability if none are listed below.

All feeders are to be paid for IN ADVANCE and be picked up within 24 hours of order. We offer curbside pick up for feeders only.


Any animals listed as a feeder is NOT intended to be purchased as a pet. These animals have not been socialized like those we intend for pets and will bite or cause serious injury if handled like you would a pet. If you are looking for a pet rat or mouse, please visit our Rat and Mice pages. 


If none are listed as available, please contact us by leaving a message or texting 833-255-5919 to see if any are available.

Feeder Rats

Live and Frozen/Thaw

Feeder Mice

Live and Frozen/Thaw


Pinkie (<12g)

Fuzzy (13-20g)

Pup (23-30g)

Weaned (31-45g)

Small (46-85g)

Medium (56-175g)

Large (176-275g)

X Large (276-375g)

XX Large (376-475g)

XXX Large (>476g)













Pinkie (<4g)

Fuzzy (5-7g)

Hopper (8-20g)

Small (21-30g)

Medium (31-45g)

Large (46-70g)

X Large (>70g)