Rabbit Reservation Fee

Item number: RFML

This fee is in addition to the final cost of the animals you purchase and only required IF they are not already listed as available. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and is to insure the buyer is serious about the purchase.


Rabbits will be sold as singles ONLY to pet homes

Please make sure you fill out this Wait List Form before submitting the reservation fee. Once the wait list request has been received, you will be asked to send in the order for the reservation fee, Once the order is received, you will be sent an invoice through square with the final amount to pay IN FULL listed. Please be aware that all invoices must be paid for by the end of business the DATE of the invoice. If we get a fee and NO form, your name can NOT be added to the wait list for available babies when they are ready.

At no time will this fee be applied to the final cost of the animals.


Rabbit Kits will not leave until they are 8 weeks of age. Please do not ask for them to leave sooner. All pick up appointments MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE.