Available Jumping Spiders (Captive Bred)

Below you will find a list of babies available. They will not be listed until they are at least i3 and will not be available for pick up until they are i5/i6. Once listed, you can purchase them by choosing the listing you wish to purchase. If purchasing babies that are i3 or i4, please be aware that they will not be ready to pick up, until they have reached i5/i6. 


Shipping is not available at this time (but we are looking into it)

Spider pups don't leave here until they have reached i5/6 (have molted 5-6 times), are eating well, have been handled regularly and are healthy happy little pups. 

Mama Jasmine and her journey to motherhood!

2023 Babies

Mama Jasmine has laid another egg sac!!! 01/07/2024!!